Latitude 52° Studio is the site of artist K.B. Spencer.

I am an American living and working in rural England.

I have a Master’s degree in the History of Art and have lived and worked on every continent over the last 20 years.

Key influences in my art include world travel, the big sky landscapes of Suffolk, and the re-purposing of ubiquitous images. Through collage and painting I am searching for contemporary relevance for art in a world saturated with imagery and visual history.

Photographic images underpin much of people’s interaction with the wider world. Daily we are besieged by a never-ending, never-repeating sequence of imagery in advertising, art, propaganda, television, and social media. It is this barrage that informs our relationship with the global community.

I’m interested in how we gather images throughout our lives – in the form of snapshots, selfies, family albums, books, magazines, collected material, and how the meaning of these images evolves and changes over time.  What is our relationship to images of ourselves from the past and how do we respond to pictures of people, places and things that we will never experience in person?