Geometric Collage

I’ve worked on collage techniques for quite awhile but in general my compositions have been random, emerging as I glued pieces down rather than coming from a pre-determined organization. Some collages develop over long periods of time as I find new bits to include or try new materials.

So, to further my research into collage  expression, I  decided to experiment with something a little more structured. I wanted to see how limiting myself with geometric or regular sized pieces might affect/direct/inform the compositions. 

I like geometric regularity and pattern and sometimes feel my  collages are adrift without rules or framework.  I thought it would be interesting to impose a few rules on the collage and see what emerged.— I tried squares, rectangles, and triangles. 

Putting them together was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle; trying to get the colours and textures right.  The early ones are really all about colour and shape. The later ones were driven by personal narrative as well as composition.


One comment on “Geometric Collage”
  1. 2cythera says:

    I love the narrative in the squares but the triangles seem to balance and move my eye the best artistically


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