Sketchbook Pages 1

For a long time I’ve worked hard to better understand and to clarify my approach to art making.  Defining and focusing the compulsion to make art  is very challenging.  Answering questions about my direction or emphasis or the meaning of my work continues to intimidate and I find it difficult to answer.  What is art?  What is the meaning of art? Why do I want to produce art?  I have no easy answer. 

The sketchbook is very personal for me – I make art for myself and struggle with showing it to anyone.  Defining my own goals and developing some confidence in the validity of my work are on-going challenges.

While painting, collage and photography have been mainstays of my practice, I haven’t used drawing alone as a medium.  I am    perhaps most hesitant in painting, most personal in collage, and most prolific with photography. 


One comment on “Sketchbook Pages 1”
  1. nickreeves says:

    Ace! You gotta love a sketchbook!


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