Collage – What’s it all about?

We live in an age of images.  There are colourful images everywhere in our lives.  We see shapes, colours, textures on our phones, televisions, tablets, computers, in cinemas, on billboards, and for the old-fashioned in print. Computer technology has advanced to the point where even amateurs can take fabulous, artistically perfect photographs and almost anything can be digitally added, removed, or altered.  The art of collage fundamentally addresses this barrage of imagery and tries to make sense of it.  What is real? What is imagined? What is authentic? What is enhanced? What does it all mean?

Some collage artists work entirely with digital media manipulating images and creating physically impossible illusions and allusions. Others, like myself, turn to the past and more traditional methods of cutting, tearing, and gluing to re-invest paper and imagery with new meaning.

Collage is about juxtaposition and assemblages.  It can ask questions and offer, sometimes ambiguous, answers.

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